Merry merry

A very belated Merry Christmas! I spent 5 days in Florida for Christmas visiting Brian’s family. The time went way too fast. We could have easily used another few days to see everyone we wanted and to get in enough quality time with people. But with we did the best we could with the time constraints that we had.

As soon as we got to Florida we had a very nice lunch with his mom.
For Christmas Eve dinner we had a wonderful meal prepared by Cheryl. I loved the texture of our dinner napkins.

After dinner we lit candles in their annual Christmas Eve candle lighting and connected with family through several forms of technology.

On the way back from visiting his sister and awesome nieces and nephew, Tomtom took us on a scenic tour of south Florida.

Brian and I took a cruise along A1A for some mansion and ocean viewing.

There were so many bikers, I thought we were in the Tour de France. The yellow jersey was even in the lead!

And we saw a lot of big boats. I like big boats and I can not lie!

Right before we headed back to the airport, Brian got one of his beloved Russo’s subs that I have been hearing about for years. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as good as he had remembered.

Overall, it was a great trip and I enjoyed spending time with his family. I have to admit, it was a little bit weird to not be cold at Christmas though.


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