A quick update

Wow! It’s already the 10th of January! I have hit the ground running this year.

These past few weeks I have been all over the place, literally. I was in Texas then Florida during the second half of December. I am getting ready to head back to Texas for another 10 days. It’s hard to do a lot of cooking when I am not in my kitchen. Or stock up on my groceries when I am only home for a few days.

So what have I been doing? Working out 5 days a week(yay, me!). Wedding planning. And making big batches of a few foods to eat while I am home(less groceries and less time-consuming). Oh, and reading magazines.

I made a batch of my copycat Native Foods Cafe sesame kale macro bowl. A big hit with both Brian and I.


I’ve made several batches of different types of roasted veggies:


And my favorite thing I’ve read in a magazine lately(sorry, I can’t remember which magazine):


So, hide the treats! Set out the fruit! I think this is an especially great tip for left over holiday treats.


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