BBQ and beaches

As you have read in my last few posts, I recently spent 10 days on the Gulf of Mexico in a sleepy little vacation town called Port Aransas, Texas. Apparently this town gets a lot less sleepy during spring break. But for now, it is mostly full of people from the north attempting to escape the winter.

The weather in Houston(my connection) set the tone for my first few days down there. Cold and wet.


After getting picked up at the airport, we stopped at the grocery store and I ate Whataburger for the first time in my life. It was no In n’ Out burger but it was tasty.


Then we headed to the condo, dropped off my stuff and sped over to The Gaff to watch the belt sander races. Yes, they alter belt sanders, put them in a trough and race them. It’s quite the spectacle and draws quite the crowd. We had a lot of fun and I also conned my parents into taking a pirate picture.


Since the first few days were so cold, I spent some time in the kitchen and a lot of time knitting.

Twice I made fresh grouper. My parents aren’t seafood lovers, but this was a big hit with them.


Another night I made chicken and mushrooms over rice:


I knit a scarf for Brian. It was so large I decided to lovingly call it a scanket(scarf/blanket):


We also escaped the cold one day by heading into Corpus Christi and finally seeing Lincoln. We all really enjoyed it. Afterwards, we headed over to Rudy’s BBQ. Holy cow, it was outstanding. You order meat by the slice. I got 2 baby back ribs, 2 slices of turkey and 2 slices of brisket. Then you can add one of their two signature sauces on the side. This is my mom’s brisket smoked potato. Yes, they smoke their potatoes which gives them outstanding flavor.


Even though it was freezing, we made time for daily walks on the beach.


We found a lot of shells and enjoyed collecting sand dollars.


I cooked a lightened up version of orange chicken that I can’t wait to make again.


And on the final weekend I was there, my brother, his wife and my favorite niece came for a visit. She loved being by the ocean.


And spending lots of time with her grandpa and grandma. Grandpa learned who was in charge when she took him by the ear and let him know!


What a great trip. I can’t wait to blog the recipes.



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