Getting back on track

So, I haven’t written my blog post on my 10 day trip yet. But I am going to go ahead and write this one anyway.

I feel like I have a little bit of a jumbled brain and might ramble. Sorry.

I am shockingly tired for having just returned from a vacation. Usually I am energized and ready to take on the day. Not this week. I am just dragging! I have been eating healthy, working out and getting enough sleep. What gives? I have no idea but I am going to keep on, keeping on.

The other thing that has suffered(besides my energy levels) has been my cooking. Tuesday night, I had to be an adult and skip a fun dinner with the ladies to go grocery shopping and get my life back together after being off of a schedule. Last night, I went to the gym then came home and made a quick batch of homemade sweet potato and black bean veggies patties to eat over the next few days. (Sorry for the shoddy picture. It was late.)


Tonight, I would like to make a big batch of veggie soup. I love soup in cold weather. Not to mention, you can make a lot to eat for a week and put some in the freezer for later. And it’s healthy. It’s a great meal starter, side or main dish.

This weekend I want to crock pot  or oven braise some chicken and veggies. Can you tell I am in total comfort food mode with the cold temperatures that we are currently appearing in Chicago? A pasta bake might be in order, too. Really, I need to reload the freezer with meals for us.

Other things on the agenda this weekend?

  • Blogging. I have so many recipes that I am behind on. Sorry guys.
  • These Rosemary Fig crackers! Don’t they look amazing?
  • Some sort of baked good. Probably muffins. I want to make something so that Brian has a quick and healthy grab and go breakfast. Pumpkin and peanut butter? Apple cinnamon? Blueberry coconut almond? Who knows.
  • Bagels. Another breakfast option or sandwich stuffing holder. I found a recipe the other day to make the dough in the bread maker. I’ve made bagels by hand before and really have enjoyed them, but would like to try this method, too.
  • I also want to make these grain free peanut butter cookies. Without the chocolate chips. I was doing well with the very limited sugar. Then I went on vacation for 10 days and ate sugar. Not everyday, but about half of them. Yikes.  Now I’m back off the sugar and missing sweet treats. Hopefully I will be over it by the weekend and not make these.
  • I also want to make a big batch of rice so I can throw together a quick meal and not have to make the rice at the same time. I’m curious about these two recipes. Crock pot fried rice and perfect brown rice that I first saw via More Cheese More Chocolate.
  • I’ve been eating hummus like it’s going out of style lately. So, I need to make a batch of homemade hummus instead of continuing to buy tub after tub.


Well, after reading back over this post, it looks like I have a very busy weekend ahead of me. Not to mention, making it to my favorite early morning Saturday day class. So hippy dippy and relaxing.

What is everyone else looking to do this weekend?


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  1. If you need something sweet, why not kill your craving with some chocolate hummus??? At least it’s healthy…ive made it a few times…i just use splenda instead of sugar when i make it…i prefer to eat it with fruit slices and sometimes i toast some tortilla shells with some cinnamon…yummo 🙂

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