Bread maker bagels


I’ve made homemade bagels before. They were delicious. I wanted to make them again. But not the same ones.

So, I began scouring blogs for good bagels and kept running across recipes for bagels that started the dough in the bread maker. I was intrigued. I was also a little worried that they wouldn’t turn out well. They turned out great. I’m not sure making the dough in the bread maker simplified the recipe all that much. The only change I made to the recipe was that I used half regular and half whole wheat flour.

Here are some pictures from the process:

In the bread maker:

bagel1Out of bread maker:

bagel2bagel4 bagel5bagel13 bagel14 bagel15

Bagel toppings. Everything and rosemary/sea salt:

bagel6 bagel7

Top those bagels!

bagel8 bagel9

What about making a breakfast sandwich with one of these beauties?

bagel10 bagel11


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