The Pummelo

Have you seen these huge fruits lurking in the grocery store lately? Probably near but dwarfing the grapefruits.

Upon my friend’s recommendation, I took a chance and bought one of the beasts. Just look at the size of that thing!

20130126-202643.jpgAlso thankful for my friend’s explanation of how to eat one before taking a crack at it myself, otherwise it could have not been a very nice experience. Peel the skin off. It’s very thick. Then I split it in half.

pummelo2 Doesn’t it look like s furry and rugged piece of fruit? How did people every start eating them?

Then peel the segments and just eat the fleshy jewels. This might sound very messy, but they are pretty easy to get the fruit from. The white skin and pith is very bitter. The fruit is sweeter than a grapefruit with no bitterness.

The process reminds me a bit of getting the goodness from the pomegranate. This fruit takes a little bit of time to eat but it totally worth it.



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