Superbowl party food

I don’t plan on watching much of the Superbowl on Sunday. I love college football, but am  not a huge fan of pro football. What I watch will be mostly for the commercials and half time show. But it is always a good excuse to make some delicious food!

Football and buffalo chicken go hand in hand. With this years previously reported chicken wing shortage now being reported as a lie, I will still give you a wingless buffalo recipe in case there really is a shortage.

I love crock pot buffalo chicken. It’s way healthier than wings, full of flavor and super easy to make. It’s also very versatile; use it to make buffalo chicken salads, pizza, sandwiches or nachos.  In fact, I made a batch yesterday. Leftovers on Sunday? There’s a good chance.


Wait? You are a vegetarian or vegan but love that buffalo flavor? How about some Tofu hot wings?


How can you go wrong with homemade guac and chips? You can’t!


Need something more exciting than mixed nuts or pretzels to set in bowls to munch on? Why  not make some sweet and spicy roasted chickpeas.


Or what about a big tray of healthy coconut shrimp? I would go to any party serving these tasty little suckers!


Another way to have a stress-free party is to utilize the crock pot. I am a huge pan of Rick Bayless’s pork tinga and can’t think of anything tastier than a taco bar!


Two more slow cooker recipes that will wow the crowd are Epic chicken taco soup or Chipotle apple turkey chili.

Hopefully there are enough tasty recipes here to get you on your way to having the best Superbowl party ever!


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