On becoming a morning person and more selfish

There was an interesting conversation going on between two other people before my early morning yoga class last Saturday morning. It really got me thinking and now I’m going to share it with you.

One lady was saying to the other that she could hardly get out of bed to make it to class and explained that she was a night owl. The other lady was saying that she had been up for hours and always gets up early and goes to bed early. The conversation further continued to the first lady saying that late night is the only time she gets “me” time and peace and quiet is if she stays up late. The second lady reports that is why she is such a morning person because she loves being up while everything is calm and still and quiet.

As they were chatting, I started thinking about myself. I used to be a night owl. I pulled all-nighters in college all the time. My mom hated trying to get me up in the mornings growing up. I wanted to sleep in and stay up late. Then as life progressed, I have become a morning person. Something I definitely never thought I would be. The transition to a morning person really came when I started being healthier. Less late nights out which equaled less alcohol consumption.  This gave me time for early morning work outs.

I also found that I love the calm of the morning. I like getting to work early to get settled in before  everyone else arrives and starts to socialize. I love getting up and having my “me” time before Brian gets up on the weekends. A nice workout. A quiet breakfast. Some time to troll social media in the quiet of my own mind. Time to make a game plan for the day. Even better is an early Sunday morning trip to Target. That place is packed by 10am, but if you get there between 8 and 9am, you have the store to yourself.

Is it being selfish? Maybe.

I have become more selfish lately. Or maybe it’s assertive. Either way, I’ve started saying “no” more.

I almost never go out on Friday nights anymore. I like to go home, work out and relax at home. Then I go to bed at a decent time so I can make it to early Saturday morning yoga. It’s my favorite work out of the week. The teacher is amazing and I feel so zen when I leave. That, and I know it’s the most calm time I’ll have all day on most Saturdays. The rest of the day is usually filled with running errands and cooking food for the week.

If we do go out, I make sure that I come home early. I’ve found after years of getting little to no sleep that I like my sleep. I like it a lot.

I’ve also scaled back my social outings. Dinner? Drinks? I love my friends. I love seeing them. But it’s costly and often unhealthy. So I’ve started making alternate suggestions or getting together with multiple friends at once. Can we go somewhere with healthier food options? Come over and I’ll make dinner. Let’s grab coffee/tea. I even have a friend that the majority of time that we see each other is for gym classes. Getting a workout and socializing? Now that is what I call a win-win situation.

So here I am. Call me old. It won’t bother me. I am healthier and happier this way.

What tricks do you use to stay healthy and social? When is your “me” time any why?


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  1. i find its so easy to want to give in to temptations instead of ‘doing the right thing’ for your mind and body, but the older i get, the more i like me better when i feel good by doing good things! thanks for sharing – its hard to say no sometimes, but its good for you!

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