Lazy Saturday

At the last minute last night I met a few of my old co-workers out for drinks. As you know, I rarely go out anymore, especially on Friday nights, but was really glad I did. We had a blast and tons of laughs. Being up later than usually has made me a little tired today, coupled with some congestion, I’ve felt like an all out bum.

I was mildly productive in the kitchen, but I just can’t seem to tackle that ever growing pile of laundry.

I made a half dozen hard boiled eggs to have as snacks throughout the week.


A batch of slightly disappointing healthy chocolate and peanut butter granola. Oh, and I severely burnt the other tray of it. Meh granola + burnt granola= granola fail.


And now I’m working on some beet veggie burgers.


While I was being lazy today, Brian did the grocery shopping. Now I can make pork tinga tomorrow! That makes me very happy. Thank goodness for Brian!


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