A mexican fiesta and pickled onions

I’ve pickled things before. Pickled pickles. Also called pickled cucumbers. Pickled carrots. Pickled vegetables for bahn mi. They’ve all been delicious.

Sunday, there was last-minute decision to change menu plans from pork tinga to some amazing honey lime fish tacos.  Last time I made the tacos, I didn’t have the energy to run to the store, so we just made do with what we had and topped them with lettuce and avocado.

Well, this time, I did them up right. A little crunchy and tangy goes great with fish. So we had the option of more toppings this time. Red cabbage, cilantro, jalapeno, avocado, limes, and pickled onions.


The recipes of pickled onions I have made before took time. So a quick google seach returned a Bon Appetit result that I knew wouldn’t steer me wrong. With only a little over an hour of pickling time, these were ready just in time for that tacos. Quick pickled onions, indeed!

pickled onions

Mmm mm mmm. I can’t wait to throw these on sandwiches throughout the week! So tasty!

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