Pinterest fails

I, like most of you have a little addiction with Pinterest. I pin far more things than I make or do and am skeptical about unrealistic claims under the pictures. I think people just write those things to get more people to pin it. There is no way that one chicken recipe is so good that you have eaten it every day for a year. No. way.

I’ve had several successes from the wide world of Pinterest, but have also had some failures.

Failure #1

Put Sharpie on a plain coffee mug and bake it at 350F for 20 minutes and it become permanent. IT DOES NOT! It scrubs right off.


Has anyone done this and it actually worked?

Failure #2

Soak a not soft t-shirt in a ratio of 1cup salt:1 cup water for 3 days. Wash and it becomes soft. IT DOES NOT! Brian soaked his shirt for a week and it was no less soft than regular washing.

We have become obsessed with really soft t-shirts in our house. Anyone know a fail-proof way of making not soft t-shirts really soft quickly?

Failure #3

Several recipes. Oh well. Recipes don’t work all the time.

What have people found on Pinterest that have been awesome, easy and cheap projects? I love DIY.



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