Healthified doughnuts

donut top

I am not a huge doughnut fan. Or are they donuts? Either way, Brian sure does love them.

In an effort to make quick and delicious breakfasts for him, I discovered this gem of a recipe. I present to you, Banana Chocolate Chip Donuts. Clocking in at slightly 200 hundred calories a piece(with my adaptations), they afford you the luxury of eating a donut without breaking the calorie bank. Or spending the rest of the day at the gym. They are dense, moist, and most tasty when warm out of the oven. Mmm mmm mmm.

I do have a small confession. These are probably nothing more than muffins in the shape of donuts are so much more fun to eat then muffins. And they seem like such a splurge.

I adapted this recipe to make it even more healthified! What did I change?

I used half whole wheat and half all-purpose flour. I cut the amount of chocolate chips in half(big calorie saver and they had plenty of chocolatey goodness). Oh, and we had the donuts without being dipped in cinnamon and sugar. Who needs to add the extra calories? Otherwise, it’s the same process. So, lets look at some pictures.

donut1donut6donut5Donut pans! Where did I get mine? I smartly used a 50% off a single item coupon at Michael’s coupon and got 2 pans for less than $10. They are Wilton brand and worked great.

donut4donut2donut3What a great way to start the day. Coffee and a guilt free donut at the bus stop:

donut last

These were super easy to a make and would be easy to make even healthier. Substitute different fruit, add cinnamon, really the possibilities are endless with this recipe. The original recipe said that it makes a dozen donuts. I came out with 14, but mine may have been a little smaller. Oh well, that’s calories saved! They also keep really well. I divided them out in single servings and sent them with Brian throughout the week for breakfast. I imagine they would freeze well, too.
I will definitely be making them again soon.

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