500 and a wonderful weekend

I didn’t realize until I logged in today that this would be my 500th post! Happy 500!

This past weekend was super productive and exciting. A lot of wedding decisions were made.

My parents came in to town.


To go wedding dress shopping with me. Eeeek! I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed since we got engaged. Fortunately, most of the big things have been taken care of. With one stop and several dresses tried on, I found a dress. After deciding on a dress, and cancelling the rest of the bridal appointments for the day, we headed to lunch. Oh, we found and purchased a very nice dress for my mom to wear, too.


Potbelly sandwiches to celebrate. Yum! My mom and I split one of their amazing chocolate chip oatmeal cookies, too! Full of delicious fuel, I thought it was the perfect time to take on a home improvement task…

I have been working on cleaning out and reorganizing my closet. A large task. I decided that with things constantly spilling out of my closet that I needed a dresser. Well, I made the poor decision of buying a dresser that needed assembled. Smartly, I downgraded from the 6 drawer to the 4 drawer dresser. I definitely could have used the other 2 drawers for storage, but it was so heavy. So, Saturday evening, we started putting it together…And the assembly continued into Sunday morning….but it got done. And it’s been filled with clothes.



It made quite the mess in our living room by getting styrofoam bits and saw dust everywhere. So after my parents left on Sunday, I got the privilege of cleaning the house right after I had just cleaning it for their arrival. Yippee.

Overall, it was an amazing weekend with lots of great memories.


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