Not what I planned, but good

This weekend did not go how I planned. It started out with a happy hour on Friday, that went on for hours. There was lots of great conversation and laughs, but I stayed out much later than planned.


I spend Saturday running fun errands, like picking up my veil and stopping at JoAnn Fabric’s to pick up a craft project.I had been wanting a chalkboard for the kitchen for a while, but my desire was rekindled when a friend posted a picture of her new chalkboard on Instagram this past week. After looking for one in stores with no success, I picked up some chalkboard paint and an ugly St Patrick’s Day sign that was on clearance to re-purpose.


Brian decided to draw on the new board:


We had a low-key night in on Saturday, watching the documentary Hot Coffee about lawsuits and tort reform. Very interesting. And the popcorn was good, too:

march4Sunday I made yet another very ugly but tasty and healthy breakfasts. Mostly egg whites, zucchini, mushrooms, red bell pepper and spinach with marinara and provolone. So filling.

march5Feeling blah about the constantly crappy weather and hopping for a ray of sunshine, I added a pop of color to my nails. Just look at how pale my  hands are! Sunshine, PLEASE!


I also watched an unusual amount of TV, drank a lot of hot tea and a glowing green smoothie.



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