Easter weekend

I didn’t do much cooking last week. I had over bought on groceries the week before, so we spend last week eating odds and ends, trying not to waste food and leave our fridge empty for Easter weekend as we headed to my parents house.

Thursday night, we had one of the best eating out experiences to date at Girl and the Goat. A group of 6 of us went, which was ideal. We ordered pretty much half the menu and tasted everything. I think the over all winning dish was the braised goat neck. Seriously tender meat. We got lucky, as it is only served once a month and we happened to be there. With so much passing and tasting of the food, the table got a little messy:


We got up earlier than I wanted to on Friday and took the train to my parents for the weekend. The views were great, but I was tired and cranky.

easter2I spent NO time in the kitchen while I was at my parents house, which is very unusual. Well, actually the only time I was in the kitchen making myself drinks. Micheladas anyone? I added in some of my mom’s homemade tomato juice, for my health, of course.

easter3 easter4

One of the highlights besides the copious amounts of good food, good weather and getting to spend time with my family was getting to play with my niece.  She is in a really fun stage where she likes to mimic and is such a ham! We couldn’t stop laughing at all the silly faces she would make and things she would do. Here she is goofing around making faces with my dad:


Sadly, we had to head back early on Easter, but were able to take delicious leftover ham sandwiches and one per year Cadbury egg with us to eat on the train.

easter5 easter6I hope everyone had as nice of an Easter weekend as I did. Hopefully I’ll be spending more time in the kitchen this week!


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