Weekend madness-Saturday

Saturday started off great with a 3 mile walk and breakfast at Orange. I got fresh squeezed grapefruit-orange-carrot-lemon-ginger juice. Brian got watermelon-strawberry-lime juice. Both were tasty, but I liked mine best. We enjoyed an order of frushi(fruit sushi). I got the vegetarian breakfast burrito with a side of mixed greens. Brian got the honey themed pancake flight(honey banana Cheerios, honey quince, honey blueberry and honey rosemary pancakes).



On the way home, we stopped at Bed Bath and Beyond and I got a milk frother. I had been wanting one for quite some time. We had to have lattes as soon as we got home.

One of the most exciting things of the year happened when our new mixer(also our first wedding present) was delivered this week. I wouldn’t let myself open the box until I had cleaned out our pantry, so after a thorough cleaning, I got to play. Her name is Mo. Mo Mixer. I immediately made a batch of pizza dough and some rolls.


I used the pizza dough to make a pesto flat bread and put the other half in the freezer.

After moving nonstop all day, I treated myself to a little non-alcoholic cocktail that tastes almost exactly like the coconut Italian sodas I loved getting from the Java House in college. Lots of ice, 1 tablespoon coconut coffee creamer and lime La Croix.


Shah, refreshing.


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