Sunday: the rest of the story

All last summer I had wanted a grill. So, with my upcoming birthday, Brian asked me what I wanted. He happened to ask me on our walk home from brunch last Saturday. I told him I was thinking about asking my parents for a small grill. He immediately looked a little uncomfortable and told me not to do that. I immediately became suspicious and started firing off questions. He had already ordered one for me! And it was to be delivered that day! In my excitement, I insisted that we stop and buy steaks to grill that night. Steaks bought. Lo and behold, we get home, check the tracking and it wasn’t going to be delivered until Tuesday. With rain and cold all week, I finally got to grill tonight. I love my new grill.


Look at all that healthy food for the week.

Something a little less healthy happened in my kitchen thus afternoon. Momofuku’s compost cookies. Their tastiness is setting up in the fridge right now to be baked tomorrow night for Tuesday’s work potluck.


So how do I do all this cooking and baking and not weigh 600 pounds? I exercise, usually 5-6 days a week. And most days of the week I eat 1200-1500 calories a day. The weekends are usually higher, but I also get more exercise on the weekend, so I let myself splurge a little more. I spent my Friday night at the gym, walked 6 miles yesterday and 7 miles today. All these treats are not without sacrifice.


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