Plans, plans, plans

I have been planning on updating my blog since last weekend. But those plans got blown out of the water by plans to spend more time at the gym. I am currently planning on throwing at least 2 new posts your way in the next 24 hours. One for takeout fakeout Rama Chicken. Seriously, go buy a potato, broccoli, chicken(or tofu) and peanut butter right now so you can make it this weekend. I’ve made it twice for us in the past two weeks, with extra for leftovers to pack in our lunches. It’s so good. And what goes well with peanut butter? Chocolate. Yep, the other is a recipe for vegan chocolate brownies that are super fudgey. And since they are vegan, there is no guilt in licking the batter off the spatula. Mmm mmm mm.


Today, I am planning out this next week’s meal plan. Last week I made a big catch of  grilled veggies, Rama Chicken, BBQ chicken pizza, and a tofu curry that we have been eating off of all week. I proportioned it out for the week and it has made packing lunches this week so much easier, just add fresh fruit and veg and it’s ready to go! I want to continue the trend. The planning makes my week much less stressful. I have also been trying to cut down on our grocery shopping. Outside of some fresh fruits and veg, I am trying to have us grocery shop 3 times a month. We had been doing it weekly, but I think eliminating one grocery shopping trip a week will help. And it should help me be more creative with my meal planning and use some of the stockpile of dried beans and lentils in our pantry. After wracking my brain about what we already have and what we need, there are only SIX things on the grocery list that should get us through to next weekend! Pretty good!


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