Takeout Fake-out Rama Chicken


Brian wanted to go out for sushi for his birthday. I love, love, love sushi, but it can be a calorie bomb. Some rolls weigh in a more than 50 calories per piece! Yikes. Being that I didn’t feel like I could splurge that much, I looked over the menu for a healthier options. It looked like most everything else on the menu was stir fried. Again, not very healthy.

Then I spotted my little friend, Rama Chicken. Steamed!

Never having the little wonder that is Rama Chicken before, I was a little worried that it was going to be drowning in peanut sauce. Fortunately it wasn’t.

I’ve since attempted to recreate it at home with pretty good results.

Start by making your peanut sauce. I had some peanut dipping sauce in the fridge(too liquidy and tangy just to pour on the meal), so I used that as the base. Then I added a little sugar, PB2 and water to it. After messing with the amounts a little bit, I was happy with the taste. I made a second batch using real peanut butter, soy sauce, garlic, red pepper flakes, water and some sugar and that turned out really well, too. There are a million peanut sauce recipes on the internet. Find one you think tastes good and use it. Or just buy some pre-made at the store. I won’t judge.



Set your sauce to the side. Steam some broccoli. I used pre-bagged steam in the microwave broccoli.  Place in a circle on your plate.


Next, dice up some chicken(add a little salt and pepper) and cook in a scant amount of oil in the skillet until browned on all sides and no longer pink in the middle. Not meat eater? So easy to substitute tofu in this dish.


While all of that is happening, dice and parboil some potato. I think I used one whole medium sided red potato between the two of us. I didn’t peel it, because I wanted the nutrients that were in the peel. You could probably use Yukon or russet with good results, I just happened to have red potatoes on hand. Drain potatoes and place on top of chicken.


Drizzle as much peanut sauce as you would like on top.


Eat hot.

See how easy it would be to assemble this to pack in your lunches? The whole meal came together in less than 30 minutes. It really takes the same amount of time to double or triple the batch, so you can make some for dinner and have plenty of meals left over. So easy. It’s definitely the kind of bagged lunch that will have your co-workers jealous!

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