Birthday weekend

What a weekend!
Yesterday was my 32nd birthday. Thirty-two. When did I get that old? Where has the time gone? I can’t complain. It’s been a good ride.
Friday, my co-workers surprised me with fancy cupcakes that we all indulged in.

When I got home Friday night, Brian surprised me with season 2 of the BBC’s show Sherlock. We watched an episode Friday night. The season is only 3 episodes long, but each episode is 90 minutes. The first episode was so good. We were on the edge of our seats the entire time.
We went out for BBQ for lunch yesterday. We ordered an appetizer of poutine then decided to split a sandwich. Holy cow. The poutine had a homemade gravy that is probably the tastiest gravy I have ever eaten, globs of cheese, bacon and pulled pork.

That hit my stomach like a brick. A few bites of cornbread and I was done. The sandwich we ordered was packed up and brought home as leftovers as well as some of the poutine.

We did a decent amount of walking after that, then I had to come home and lay down for an hour.
I was able to revive myself for a beer on a patio.


Followed by a delicious empanada.

We ended the day by seeing Iron Man 3. We both really liked it.
After yesterday’s food fest, I got up and went for a long walk today. Made a successful batch of spinach and mushroom veggie burgers:

After lunch, Brian and I rode our bikes up to my garden plot and got some things planted.

Then had a very fruit and veg heavy dinner. After yesterday’s meat and fat fest, it was a necessity.

I’ll leave you with a pretty picture of the pear tree blooms in our back yard.

Thanks to everyone who reached out with calls, cards, texts and messages to make me feel so loved on my birthday.


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