The Weekend

I don’t feel as if I made anything this weekend that qualified as a meal. It was a very underwhelming weekend in the food department.

I was getting home late on Friday night and completely unmotivated to cook. So, I stopped by Whole foods and picked up some pizza, salad and soup. The soup was a last minute grab but it worked out perfectly because it was freezing out.

Saturday morning I ran the Race to Wrigley 5k, which I thought had a great course.

Afterwards, I resisted eating the free banana and bagel and headed over to Flat Top grill to redeem my free birthday meal. I had some fruit and a giant egg white omelet, loaded with tons of vegetables.

That kept me full until dinner when I regained a little hunger. Enough to have the rest of Friday’s soup, 1/2 of the post race bagel and some crackers.

Saturday night was a lazy night in with a blueberry, banana and spinach smoothie for me and a chocolate shake for Brian.

Sunday I made our lunches for the week and a batch of chocolate, banana and almond butter waffles for Brian. For lunch was some leftover chicken meat transformed into BBQ chicken wraps. They were monster sized.
Then, the rest of the day was filled with wedding planning.
I was still so full from lunch at 8pm last night that I only had a small bowl of cereal for dinner.
See, it was a boring weekend in food. I didn’t even fix a proper meal for the two of us.


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