A gift of chervil

I am again participating in the local park district community garden program. We each have our own bed to garden as we please and a larger plot for everyone to care for. I almost didn’t do it again this year as I yielded so little from my plot last year. Mostly due to the homeless in the park taking the produce. At the last minute, I decided to reserve my plot again. Thank goodness I did. At our park there is a 70 person waiting list to get a bed. The longest waiting list in the city.

Tonight was the first community work night. We all got together and cleaned up the area and worked the compost. For those who hadn’t planted their gardens yet, they did so. Even though I planted a few weeks ago, I couldn’t resist adding more. I added a Serrano pepper plant, another cherry tomato, two more kale, parsley, onions and cabbage.

Our first strawberry is almost ready!

And a plot neighbor gave me some of her chervil. I munched on it the entire walk home!

Are you gardening this year? What do you have growing?

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