My two cents: Monday

Good Monday morning! I can’t wait to get to my weekend post. So much goodness this past weekend. Until I have time to do that, I thought I’d share two things with you.

I am in love with this hand soap. The scent makes me so happy. It smells just like a tomato plant.


And for my second and unrelated tidbit: I am re-posting what some words of wisdom by Bill Phillips. This really strikes a chord with me. From work lunches to social outings, I always feel like my healthy eating and exercise often gets derailed by not wanting to be selfish or offend anyone. It’s not doing me any good and makes me have regret and resentment later. I think this states why I need to say “no” more often and exercise a little more self-responsibility.

So, here it is:


Oftentimes people mistakenly believe that by accepting responsibility to take care of their own health and happiness, they’re somehow being selfish. And no mature, conscious person wants to be “selfish.” This is yet another obstacle we need to overcome in order to reclaim sovereignty in our own lives. The fact is, we are being self-responsible when we prioritize, each day, doing what we need to in order to recover and renew our physical, mental and emotional well-being. That means we must choose to make time for exercise, eating healthy meals, rest, recovery and sleep.

We also must choose to create at least some quiet time for self-reflection and to clear and calm the mind. We must also choose to make time for doing things which we enjoy and that bring us happiness. These can be very simple things, for example: taking an evening walk at sunset; listening to your favorite music; getting out to enjoy your favorite hobby on a weekend. Although this all sounds simple, if we perceive them as being selfish, we’ll resist and put them off.

If you are a caretaker by nature, as I am, it is important to remember that we can’t give what we don’t have–and when we are low on energy and strength, it’s time to make renewing and re-energizing our selves a top priority! Make YOUR health a priority and I promise, you will find you have more to give others who need your help.


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