Birthday and baptism

I started my weekend with an early morning flight to Dallas, where I was meeting my brother after some meetings to head to his house and celebrate a very adorable one year old’s birthday and baptism. Get ready for come cuteness overload in this post. While in Dallas I had a few hours to kill.

My first stop was The Sixth Floor Museum about JFK and his assassination. I toured the 6th floor of the old Texas School Book Depository where the shots were supposedly fired from. A very interesting and worthwhile tour. After that, I walked around Dealey Plaza and the West End district of Dallas that has JFK’s cenotaph.



After taking in so much history, I was hungry for some good southern bbq!


After arriving to my brother’s house, there was a meeting of the minds in the kitchen about how to best bake Hannah’s 1 year birthday cake. She is obviously in the middle telling her grandma’s what she wants and how to get it done.


While the ladies were busy in the kitchen, the men talked sports.


Saturday was a big day! Hannah turned one year old and got baptized. Here she is in her pretty baptism outfit.


After the serious business, it was play and party time. Most of the afternoon was spent outside playing on her swing and at her water table.

hannah1 hannah2

Then of course, birthday cake and presents!

hannah3 hannah4 hannah5

After all that excitement, the adults had to relax with some watermelon mojitos.


Hannah napped after unloading the dishwasher. Such a hard worker.


While Hannah napped, the adults did some work in the garden and observed a little nature happening.

hannah9 hannah8

Then it was play time again! Lots of new toys to explore. We finished off the afternoon with some time at the pool.




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