Gone again

Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but I spent most of last week mostly unplugged. I left from work on Wednesday and headed to my parents for 4 days of much-needed rest, relaxation and distance from social media. I wasn’t without but with it much less. I spent much of my days outdoors, running at the track, running errands, taking walks with my parents, lounging in the back yard and taking pictures of their pretty flowers.

While at my parents, I discovered these delicious green bean “chips” in their pantry. I immediately became addicted:


Saturday, I spend part of the day at a camp reunion for the camp I worked at during my summers in college. I got to see long time friends and play around like I was a kid again. We trekked it up to the corral and reminisced on our time with the horses, went creek stomping and goofed around. I love that place. There is a sense of calm just being out there. I can’t wait to stay out there for a whole weekend next summer! Bedbug helped put away the dishes. Let’s just hope she didn’t put bowls in the plates cabinet:


Saturday night we had dinner at Big Muddy’s with some long time family friends that I haven’t seen in far too long. The Mississippi is out of its banks gain, threatening the downtown.


And I think the airline was trying to send me a message on my suitcase:


Thanks for all your patience. I’m sure I’ll be putting up lots of pictures of grilled food tomorrow as it is the 4th and I will definitely be grilling out!

Happy Independence Day!


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