Longer days, please

I’m behind. I am really behind. It feels good to admit that. I’ve noticed a pattern lately that I have been blogging about half of the recipes I make. I am really good at making excuses why not to blog them. The truth is that life is busy. Really busy right now. It’s not a complaint, it’s just a fact.

We are a little over 3 months until our wedding day, so it’s time to kick it into high gear on all the little decisions. Decisions that take time to research and make. It’s also gardening season. I love my garden but it takes time. Exercise makes me feel better, but it  takes time, as does the showering afterwards. So does researching recipes and making them. Oh, and blogging them definitely takes time. Add all of these things to a major transition time at work(all good things) and the bottom line is that I would like more time in my day to more of all the things I enjoy.

So how far behind am I? At least 13 recipes behind. GULP. That’s a lot. I had big plans to really try to get caught up this week. Then a killer headache knocked me out the past 2 days and tonight is a garden work night. And of course, the upcoming weekend is booked. Not that I am complaining about having to taste lots of flavors of wedding cake. In fact, I have been dreaming about it all week. Hopefully I can eek out a recipe later tonight. My new goal is to get two recipes posted by Sunday night. Hold me to it people.

And, of course, sorry for the lack of recipes.


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