Chocolate ice box sandwiches

I was raised in a very loving family in Iowa. With a mother who believed in having dessert after meals. Who learned it from her mother.

I am now programmed to want something sweet at the end of every meal. I’ve tried to break this habit. It’s no use. It’s in my genes. So the best I can do is try to choose healthier options to get my sweet fix.

This recipe is one that was occasionally in our freezer in the summer and would most often be eaten as an afternoon snack.

Make a box of chocolate pudding(or pudding of flavor choice) using 1/2 cup less of milk than the box calls for. Then, stir in a half tub of thawed cool whip.

Stir to combine. It doesn’t have to be perfectly mixed.

Spoon some onto half a graham cracker then gently set another graham on top.

Layer in a container with sheets of wax paper in between.

Freeze for a few hours and eat when frozen. They should last about a week.



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