Tomato, tomato, egg, tomato

I almost made it to this weekend with out posting about last weekend.

Last week was a little nuts. I started a new workout regimen. I was doing strength before work and cardio after work. This left me with little time to actually make dinner. So, I made good use of my old friend the crockpot this past weekend.

After leaving the gym Friday night, I stopped and picked up dinner at Whole Foods. I snagged a bag of their house made thai pepper popcorn. It was the perfect snack for relaxing on the couch and watching a movie.

Saturday I got up early, worked out, then made a large and delightful breakfast to fuel the day.

Toast with egg, avocado and sriracha with a side of clementine, and homemade greek yogurt with chia, flax and strawberries. This powered me through a trip to Whole Foods to take advantage of their one day bulk bin sales:

After getting home, I threw a curry in the crock pot.

Feeling good about being able to come home to a hot dinner, I headed downtown to do some marathon shopping. After trying on over 50 dresses, I bought one. Success.

I recently inherited a plethora of homegrown tomatoes and a half dozen ears of sweet corn. I have been greatly enjoying those all week. Is there a limit to the number of tomatoes one can eat in day? I think not!
Tomatoes for breakfast:

Tomatoes for lunch:

Tomatoes for dinner:

Oh, the joys of summertime.


This is a delightful and simple breakfast.

Cut an avocado in half. Remove pit. Scoop out a little extra avocado on each side. Those chunks of avocado when directly in my mouth.

Crack an egg in the crater that you have made. You might have some egg white spill over, so it’s best to do this in a baking dish or ramekin. Salt and pepper.

Bake at 375 for about 15 minutes.

This was my eggvacado after 15 minutes. Still with a runny yolk hidden inside.

One of my coworkers was cooked all the way through. So, cook it how you like it.

But it is a very filling, creamy, buttery and naughty tasting breakfast. Just think how delicious it would be to have some toasted points to dip in all that goodness?