The early morning

Wow. It’s only 9am on Sunday and I feel like I can already give you the weekend update.

It’s amazing how productive a weekend can be when I don’t over schedule myself, go to bed at a decent time and get up at a decent time.

Friday night, Brian had plans with a friend to see Pacific Rim, because I refused to go see it. I brought dinner home and relaxed on the couch. It was awesome.

I went to early morning yoga yesterday. I hadn’t been in a few months and was so glad I went. My knee has been killing me lately from a combination of running and biking and yoga is the only thing that seems to help. On the way home I stopped and Whole Foods to pick up something to drink as I was super thirsty. I tried a new beverage. It was delicious!

Then I hurried home to change clothes and meet my friend Katie at the pool for some aquatic exercise. There was a super creepy guy in our class which made us giggle uncomfortably most of the time. It was really awkward.
I spent the afternoon running errands and had a delicious dinner of a bleu cheese burger and vegetables.

For dessert, I roasted myself a giant marshmallow over the stove. The mega marshmallow was an end cap clearance find at Target. While it was amazing, it was almost too much, but I’m sure it won’t stop me from eating another one today. And more importantly, how did I ever live without a gas stove?


It’s been another early and productive morning. I got up, started laundry, ate eggs with sriracha and got to work on my first ever batch of homemade Greek yogurt.

After heating up the milk and letting it cool, it has an 8-12 hour incubation period. I got antsy waiting for the milk to heat and we know a watched pot never boils(a good thing in this case as you only heat the milk to 180 degrees), so I swept the house. While I was waiting for the milk to cool, I cleaned the bathroom. The yogurt is now at the incubation stage. Just hoping it turns out well!

I also have another recipe in the works right now. It’s a raisin bran muffin batter that has to sit and refrigerate. Can’t wait to bake those up later.
Well, off to aquatic exercise, then I plan on spending most of the rest of the day pool side! See, it pays to get up early and be productive!

Splurge Saturday

Today started off with a breakfast of banana, almond butter and flax waffles with some 5 minute espresso brownie crumbled on top. With two mugs of coffee.

So I had a healthy lunch of yellow squash, spinach, chicken breast and marinara on low calorie yam flour noodles. It looked nice and summery with the green and yellow. See previous post about being cranky due to crappy weather and wanting sunshine.

Then there was another afternoon splurge of Dairy Queen. The blizzard of the month is a chocolate covered pretzel with peanut butter blizzard. Could there be a better combination in the world? Especially when you have a buy one get one free coupon? So, we indulged in a blizzard in honor of Brian’s birthday this week.

After our treat, we took a long walk to Target. There, I saw this month’s Food Network magazine where they gave cover space and two pages on 50 things to put a fried egg on top of. Brian makes fun of me all the time because he claims my motto is that any food becomes breakfast food if you just “put an egg on it.” Has the Food Network been stalking me?

After all those rich indulgences today I had a light supper of zucchini and egg whites. But man, I’ll be dreaming about that blizzard tonight.

Weekend madness-Saturday

Saturday started off great with a 3 mile walk and breakfast at Orange. I got fresh squeezed grapefruit-orange-carrot-lemon-ginger juice. Brian got watermelon-strawberry-lime juice. Both were tasty, but I liked mine best. We enjoyed an order of frushi(fruit sushi). I got the vegetarian breakfast burrito with a side of mixed greens. Brian got the honey themed pancake flight(honey banana Cheerios, honey quince, honey blueberry and honey rosemary pancakes).



On the way home, we stopped at Bed Bath and Beyond and I got a milk frother. I had been wanting one for quite some time. We had to have lattes as soon as we got home.

One of the most exciting things of the year happened when our new mixer(also our first wedding present) was delivered this week. I wouldn’t let myself open the box until I had cleaned out our pantry, so after a thorough cleaning, I got to play. Her name is Mo. Mo Mixer. I immediately made a batch of pizza dough and some rolls.


I used the pizza dough to make a pesto flat bread and put the other half in the freezer.

After moving nonstop all day, I treated myself to a little non-alcoholic cocktail that tastes almost exactly like the coconut Italian sodas I loved getting from the Java House in college. Lots of ice, 1 tablespoon coconut coffee creamer and lime La Croix.


Shah, refreshing.

Breakfast burrito

I’m not sure that this post is really post-worthy. In fact, I’m sure many of mine are of questionable post-worthiness. But this breakfast was delicious!

I am not sure if it was extra delicious because I had just finished a 5 mile run or if it was because it involved eggs. I love eggs.

Or avocado. I love avocado.

Or hot sauce. I love hot sauce.

I made two eggs over medium, topped with a half of an avocado(yes, I know that is a lot of avocado) and hot sauce. I had one brown rice tortilla left. So after the eggs came out of the pan, I threw that in there and let it brown a little on each side and threw a slice of organic white cheddar from grass-fed cows on there. I usually try to avoid dairy, but will make exceptions from time to time when it involves grass-fed cattle.

Oh and a nice cup of coffee with coconut milk creamer. Mmmm. My favorite!

Let’s have another look at those eggs, avocado and hot sauce.

Maybe it’s just the endorphins from the run, but this makes me really happy.